a little bit of this...

great little gallery with some gorgeous wares… check out the link x

new creations… vessels, bracelets, saucers, spoons – illustrated, stained, glazed

well those midnight candles have certainly been useful lately! the 2am ones have also been great : )

i have been creating new vessels etc and combining quite a bit of illustration with the stains and glazes. below are the items at bisque. tomorrow i crack the kiln and see what has worked and what will be a surprise. fingers crossed

anyway, the contrast between before and after is always interesting… x

green ware vessels and bracelets at top, stained and polished bisque ware below

stained spoons and bracelets

stained spoons at bisque

these i am really excited about. they are a set with saucers. clear glazed inside…

polished vessels awaiting glaze


vintage caravan - pleasantville

i thought with all the interest in vintage vans right now i would post some pics of ours…

we think she is gorgeous : )

porcelain jewellery

and here it is… ichimu – porcelain, jewellery and love – thought i might send you here to see the final product and hit the online shop! ichimu.com.au


gorgeous sea green and blue glazes…

finished vessels

put to the test sipping on a light fruity infusion with a friend in the garden… so lovely with the sun peeking through the trees – very enjoyable x

ready for bisque firing… small hand built vessels. more to come on the process…

ready for bisque firing… small hand built vessels. more to come on the process…

harvest textles christmas market - brunswick

it is on again!

we are heading up today to drop off our new venture…

ichimu.com.au unique jewellery hand crafted using porcelain, semi precious stones, sterling silver and freshwater pearls. there are also beautiful vessels yet to be uploaded but they will be at the market tomorrow

there is a great line-up of artisians so come along and peruse the wares


crochet hat

ah ha

a great gift for a new baby… two squares (7 rounds on a 5.5 guage hook), sewn together, add some interesting sprouts on the corners and voila! x

a cosy tea for two

another poor shrunken jumper… that has a new life and will probably stay cleaner than it ever was on the little body it used to keep warm! now it is keeping our tea cosy - too easy. an extremely customised cosy (i’m not sure it would fit another) with a little bit of flair on the side - good grief is that my dodgy overlocking and untrimmed thread? what would the queen say?

and a bale of woolen blankets - some opp-shopped and some just collected. not sure if i can cut these up really but time will tell


winter hottie - cheaters felting

we have been collecting old woolen jumpers and blankets and scarves and even socks - my crafty friends and i - and we have been putting them through the ‘felting process’. ie purposely shrinking them on a hot wash as opposed to those heart stopping times when the favourite jumper has slipped into the machine by mistake and come out just the right size for a doll : ( or perhaps a chiwawa

and then we have been getting a bit creative with them. i must admit i find it really hard to make that first cut - how to improve on that gorgeous blanket (that sits in the cupboard never seeing the couch at all! never being wrapped around anyone’s shoulders on a cold winter’s night). anyway, i digress, the images above are of the hot water bottle cover made last monday night. anita made one and i have the matching pair. two hotties for two hotties i hear you say. well indeed

chopped and blanket stitched and decorated - a fine result and it has inspired more thinking - a hat next!

now i had better get my new tea cosy on that pot to keep me up a bit longer tonight…